4 fun activities for team building in Christmas

We are often looking for new ways to make festivities more fun. If you are looking for ideas to bring some unusual experiences and better connection to the teams and groups you are working with around Christmas time, have a look at these ideas for team building through food!


You will need gingerbreads in different shapes and sizes and frosting to glue them together. Divide the group into smaller teams. Give one set of gingerbreads and frosting to each team. Set a timer for 30 minutes and have everyone build their tower. There are no rules except that no other tools may be used. Gather together and measure who built the highest tower. Eat the final product to avoid food waste


It might be cold outside right now. If you are craving for something warm and hearty, other people might feel similar. Try to create an office soup group. Find out who’s interested in getting involved and how often you want to meet. Let’s say that six people decide to meet once a week. One person makes soup for the group and also thinks of some special details and atmosphere to serve it. And then it rotates every week. That means everyone gets a free lunch five out of six weeks, and then takes up the challenge of feeding everyone in the group. It’s a great way for people to get to know each other better.


You will need to prepare ingredients for the gifts and wrapping materials. You might also want to invite someone who can teach how to create a great edible gift, for example, cookies, energy balls, garlic bread or jams. Invite your team to a workshop of creating tasty gifts for their family members and friends. They will have a chance to spend some fun time with others, learn something new and give back to others.


Christmas is that special time when we are in the mood of giving. Food is one of the most basic needs for any living creature. Yet this need is so often not met. Come together to cook something for people in need – something that can be donated or enjoyed together. Get touch with local soup kitchens or other organizations who might help you to figure out where the help is most needed and how you can get involved meaningfully. Cooking for a Cause is a great way to strengthen your team and lift morale while giving back to the community.

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