Team building with help of food – ideas for fun activities

Food brings people together, sparkles fun and fosters deeper connections. And these are just some of the many reasons to incorporate food in team building activities. Below you will find our three favourite ideas how to build stronger teams using food:


Prepare different ingredients for the drinks or smoothies. Have also different glasses and elements to decorate like fruit or umbrellas on hand. Divide your group into smaller teams. Each team must create an individual drink, come up with a name, and make up a story to go with it. Present the finished products and vote on the best drink.

In a small team where people know each other well you might also ask each person to create a personalized drink for someone else in the group that would reflect something about that person. Then ask people to serve drinks and explain to each other their choices of tastes, colours, textures and decorations. How is this drink similar to the person for whom it was made?


Divide your team into smaller teams and challenge each team to cook something delicious. Pick a single ingredient that all teams must use, for example, lemon, cottage cheese or garlic. Enjoy the meal together.


It takes collaboration and communication to plan and start a garden. It takes accountability and commitment to water, weed and tend to the garden. And then there’s the harvest and reaping what the team has sown together over the past months. Team members will learn and grow together, just as their plants do the same. Don’t have a garden? Use garden boxes, find a rooftop or apply to a community garden space.

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