The power of collective kitchens

Canadian researchers Engler and Berenbaum have been exploring social benefits of organizing collective kitchens – cooking programs in which small groups of people cook in bulk. Collective kitchens operate in communities across Canada.There are over 2 000 such groups in Canada.

Collective kitchens are diverse in purpose. Some focus on cooking skills or food production, while others emphasize the social aspects of participation. Involvement  in these groups has been shown to

🥨decrease isolation

🥨foster mutual aid

🥨reduce stress

🥨improve skills

🥨build trust in oneself

🥨increase awareness of community resources

🥨and increase participation in other community organizations and events, each of which can be related to increased feelings of social support.

Simple solutions are often the most efficient ones. If your job includes promoting participation and active citizenship a collective kitchen can be a great place where people can meet and create some magic together!

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